My Best Friend Veterinary Center Staff

Office Manager - My Best Friend Veterinary Center

Janet, Office Manager. Janet began her career in veterinary medicine at Kirkwood Animal Hospital, starting as kennel help and achieving the position of office manager in just twelve years.  She joined My Best Friend Veterinary Center in 1995 as our office manager and has been Dr. Bill’s “right hand” ever since.  Often you will find her daughter Madison at the front desk on days off from school, showing her mother how to run things.  Janet also shares her home with her very naughty tabby cat “Jack” and her crazy Jack Russell mix "Ruby".

Veterinary Assistant - Katie

Katie, Veterinary Assistant. Katie joined My Best Friend in 1997. Her interest in veterinary medicine stemmed from growing up with her mother who showed and bred Boxer dogs. Katie continues to love animals and has owned a variety of creatures from a snake to dogs to a horse. Her daughter Haley is an early childhood teacher and her teenage son T.J. will be following in his father and grandfathers’ footsteps of becoming a firefighter. Katie loves spending time with her family, traveling, and hiking with her dog Trooper. She only works part-time now, because if she is not running T.J. around, she is helping run her husband Kelly’s lawn care business.

Sheree, Veterinary Technician. Sheree joined My Best Friend Veterinary Center in 2016. As a 2013 graduate of the Vet Tech Institute at Hickey College, she has a specialized Associates Degree that compliments her passion for the field. With the recent transition to MBF, Sheree welcomes the opportunity to work in an environment where learning is nurtured by the principles and values that our facility possesses. As she says, “the most rewarding part of my job as a technician is knowing that each day I am able to assist in making a positive impact on a pet’s life.”

Outside of working in the clinic, Sheree is also the owner of Immortal Designs, a graphic design and marketing tool company where she customizes logos, flyers, and business cards. In her personal life she enjoys quality time with her pre-teen daughter, and has interests including event coordinating, photography art, and interior design.

Olivette MO Pet Clinic

Laura, Veterinary Assistant. Laura came to My Best Friend Veterinary Center in January of 2008, having had a passion for animals her entire life.   She seems to always be watching Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel to satisfy her desire to continue learning.  After purchasing her pug she began to discover the desperate need for adoption of homeless mixed breeds in the animal shelters.  Over the years she has added six such dogs and a cat to her home.  Her current five pets enjoy their home in Ferguson with Laura and her longtime partner Denise (our pet stylist).

Pet Stylist - Denise

Denise, Pet Stylist. Denise was introduced to dogs by her partner Laura and decided to attend the grooming school at Petropolis in November 1999.  The bulk of her initial grooming experience came from her work at Bal-Coeur Animal Hospital.  She joined My Best Friend Veterinary Center as our grooming expert in 2006.  Although purebreds are emphasized in grooming books, she enjoys the mixed breeds that visit her because they bring out her creative side.  After years of grooming she feels the key to success is a lot of coffee and Red Bull.  Any gratuities accepted and appreciated.

Julie, Veterinary Assistant. Julie may be a familiar face, having worked at My Best Friend from 2001 to 2008 as a veterinary assistant.  She left for California in 2008, had a daughter, and had a lot of great experiences both in life and in the veterinary field, but ultimately came back to the Midwest and rejoined us in January of 2017.  “Home is where the heart is” she says.

If you are at the clinic and hear a beautiful mezzo-soprano voice emanating from the treatment area, you’ll know Julie is around…  She is quite active in the local theater scene and loves her showtunes!  Her other passions are animal rescue and rehabilitation, and hiking or anything outdoors.  Her daughter Phoebe and their Lhasa/schnauzer mix Jack along with cats Huckleberry and Sawyer keep Julie on her toes…

Ashley, Veterinary Technician. Ashley is the newest veterinary technician to join the My Best Friend family, as of May of 2017.  Having had a desire to work with and care for animals since she was a child, she completed her schooling at the Vet Tech Institute at Hickey College in 2015.  Ashley has not stopped loving her animal care job ever since!  When she is not devoting her time to working at My Best Friend, she likes to spend time with her feline “best friends” Chuga and Albi, and her rabbit Abree Judith.  Ashley also loves music, including oldies by artists that Dr Bill at least recognizes, like Pat Benatar and Tom Petty.

Veterinary Assistant - Megan

Megan, Veterinary Assistant. Megan came to My Best Friend Veterinary Center in 2008 after working eight years in South Carolina. She has cared for animals in either a volunteer or professional capacity since she was sixteen years old. Currently she shares her home with her three cats: Cara, Seraph and her newest addition Ripley, who was a stray rescued by a client at My Best Friend.