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My Best Friend Veterinary Center

Pet Exams

Regular examinations keep your pet healthy. We recommend that all pets undergo a complete wellness exam at least once a year. Schedule your appointment today.

Dog Grooming

At My Best Friend Veterinary Center, we believe bathing & grooming to be essential to a healthy pet. Schedule your grooming appointment today.

Emergency Pet Care

My Best Friend Veterinary Clinic provides emergency care during business hours. In case of an emergency after business hours, please visit our emergency contact page!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that the ultimate health of your dog or cat begins with preventive care. We try to avoid hospitalization because animals do better in a familiar environment; however, when hospitalization is necessary we encourage you to call for updates and arrange for visits.

Your best friend will feel at ease and even look forward to coming to see us. The trust and closeness that makes a dog or cat part of your family will carry through at My Best Friend.


St. Louis Veterinarian - Dr. Bill Stehnach

Happy Retirement!

As many of you already know, Dr. Bill retired from practice on September 14th, 26 years after founding My Best Friend Veterinary Center in 1992, and 37 and a half year after graduating from veterinary school in 1981. He is looking forward to a long and happy retirement in Florida with his husband Curt and their four beloved dogs!

This was not an easy decision considering what he is leaving behind… He will certainly miss his wonderful clientele, many of whom started out with him back in 1985 at County Animal Hospital, as well as his more recent clients and their pets. He will definitely miss his terrific doctors and staff that have served so well from recent months to as long as 23 years! And he will also miss his beautiful clinic that he poured his heart and soul into back in 2012-13, all possible because of the enormous generosity of his late parents, Will and Elaine… This place is a tribute to them!

Fortunately, Dr. Bill is leaving My Best Friend in excellent hands. Dr. Timothy Hutson, with us these past 6 years, has agreed to purchase and carry on the tradition of excellent veterinary care that you all have come to expect… He and Drs. Sandy Angus and Donna Clayton-Lee will be here to guide you through all the good, and the sometimes sad, times ahead with your pets, and the entire staff will be here for you too. So many veterinary hospitals are being bought up by huge corporations these days, and we are so delighted to assure you that My Best Friend will NOT be changing in ways that go along with that kind of corporate take-over…

We all wish Dr. Bill a long and much deserved rest! We shall miss him along with you all. But we promise to continue to build upon the strong foundation that Dr. Bill created all those years ago, and we will see you all very soon!

Our Caring & Experienced Staff

Dr. Sandy Angus

Dr. Timothy Hutson

Dr. Donna Clayton-Lee

What our clients say

From the happy events in my life with my pets to the unhappy events, I get the most loving, knowledgeable care. The staff at My Best Friend, are not just my pet’s caregivers, they have become my friends.

Nina V.

Love this vet center!!! They give awesome pedicures to both cats and dogs, and are really attentive too. Making your pet as comfortable as possible.

Jessica A.

This is an absolutely wonderful place to take your pet. I was very loyal to my cat’s former vet (and still have no complaints), but decided to try this place because it was more convenient. Wow! I was very impressed.

Hershey (the cat) always gets excellent care and I feel as though they truly care about his well being. Hershey was 7 before I decided to switch to this vet. I wasted a lot of gas and money! This vet is much more economical. They clean his ears, trim his nails (actually listed as manicure on the receipt) and also trim the fur between his pads at no additional charge. The entire staff are very calm and do their very best to make Hershey calm. He feels better if I hold him while he gets his manicure, so they let me. I have to be honest, his favorite part of the visit is when he gets to crawl back in his crate and go home!

Jacqui C.

I love this place! They take so much personal time with each animal they see. The vets and staff really care about the animals and work with pet parents to ensure a healthy &a happy pet. I can’t say enough. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family!

Ashley T.

Dr. Bill and his staff have been my veterinary resource for over 25 years. I cannot thank them enough for taking such good care of my best friends.

Kevin Ann and Jimmy, Chuck, Pattie Jane and Peggy Sue

I feel so fortunate that a friend recommended My Best Friend Veterinary Center to me 6 years ago. I’ve been a dog owner for over 20 years and the quality of care as well as the friendliness and compassion of the staff is unparalleled. I’ll never go anywhere else.

Sheri and Coco