Meet our team of animal-lovers who are dedicated to the well being of your Best Friends. When you visit us, you’re part of our family.


Dr. Tim


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Dr. Timothy Hutson is a St. Louis native who graduated with a BA in Biological Sciences from SLU in 2008. After 18 months of lab work in medical research at Washington University, he decided to forgo a career in human medicine and instead chose a career in veterinary medicine. He applied to the veterinary college at UMC and graduated in May 2013. Upon graduation, Dr. Tim decided to join My Best Friend, having been impressed and pleased to see their commitment to high quality medicine, along with their wonderful clientele. He brings with him special interest in dermatology, dentistry, and nutrition, and loves talking with clients about these topics. Dr. Tim took over the Clinic in 2018 from Dr. Bill, who is now enjoying his well-deserved retirement in sunny Florida!

Dr. Tim enjoys fishing, woodworking, bonsai, and playing ice hockey in his free time. He is also an avid fan of the Cardinals and Blues. Most of all, he loves spending time with his family. Dr. Tim and his wife, Irina, have 2 children, Anna and Cameron. They also have two furry children, a French bulldog named “Corndog” (named by their daughter), and a sassy cat named “Rosie”.

Dr. Chelsie


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Dr. Chelsie came to My Best Friend Veterinary Center in February 2020. Originally from Springfield, IL she began her pre-veterinary studies in Kentucky at Murray State University. While pursuing her undergraduate degree she had many opportunities for exotic experience including volunteering at Riddle’s Elephant Sanctuary in Quitman, AR and briefly studying Marine Biology abroad in Belize. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Murray State she was accepted into University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. Graduating in spring of 2019, Chelsie began working in a small animal private practice.

Dr. Chelsie’s wonderful family consists of her husband and three dogs; Millie, Murray and Max. Her three dogs are spoiled rotten and she would love to show you a picture of them. Chelsie is always up for an adventure. She has been skydiving four times and hopes to get her skydiving license someday.

She loves a good “dad” joke.

“I have an appointment with the doggy doctor. How that dog became a doctor, I don’t know.”

Hospital Staff


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Janet, Office Manager. Janet began her career in veterinary medicine at Kirkwood Animal Hospital, starting as kennel help and achieving the position of office manager in just twelve years.  She joined My Best Friend Veterinary Center in 1995 as our office manager and has been Dr. Bill’s “right hand” ever since.  Often you will find her daughter Madison at the front desk on days off from school, showing her mother how to run things.  Janet also shares her home with her very naughty tabby cat “Jack” and her crazy Jack Russell mix “Ruby”.


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Laura, Veterinary Assistant. Laura came to My Best Friend Veterinary Center in January of 2008, having had a passion for animals her entire life.   She seems to always be watching Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel to satisfy her desire to continue learning.  After purchasing her pug she began to discover the desperate need for adoption of homeless mixed breeds in the animal shelters.  Over the years she has added six such dogs and a cat to her home.  Her current five pets enjoy their home in Ferguson with Laura and her longtime partner Denise (our pet stylist).


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Julie, Veterinary Assistant. Julie may be a familiar face, having worked at My Best Friend from 2001 to 2008 as a veterinary assistant. She left for California in 2008, had a daughter, and had a lot of great experiences both in life and in the veterinary field, but ultimately came back to the Midwest and rejoined us in January of 2017. “Home is where the heart is” she says.

If you are at the clinic and hear a beautiful mezzo-soprano voice emanating from the treatment area, you’ll know Julie is around… She is quite active in the local theater scene and loves her showtunes! Her other passions are animal rescue and rehabilitation, and hiking or anything outdoors. Her daughter Phoebe and their Lhasa/schnauzer mix Jack along with cats Huckleberry and Sawyer keep Julie on her toes…


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Kayla, Technician I’m Kayla and I’m currently attending Midwest Institute to become a veterinary technician. I have always loved animals and my love has only grown since I started at MBF. I love golden retrievers and German shepherds. It’s all very rewarding and I have definitely found my passion in life, so I’m excited to see what my future holds.


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Brad, Technician Brad came to My Best Friend in February 2020. Born and raised in West Kentucky, his background includes a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Murray State University and working for multiple veterinary and human medical services. Most recently he worked at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine’s Diagnostic Laboratory as a Research Laboratory Technician, and as a Veterinary Assistant at Banfield Pet Hospital in Independence, MO.

He has three dogs; Millie, Murray, and Max. He is happily married, and in the summer he and his wife, Chelsie, take their dog Millie to Dock Diving competitions, in which she has competed nationally. In his free time, Brad enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, and hunting, as well as travelling and spending time with family. Brad is a sports fan as well. He played rugby for Murray State as well as briefly for CRFC in Columbia, MO, and he enjoys Cardinal baseball as well as Blues hockey.

“The only time I set the bar low is for limbo”- Michael Scott


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Emily, Veterinary Technician. My love for animals started at a young age. My mom was always bringing home animals whether my dad approved or not. After graduating high school in 2012, I went to the Vet Tech Institute to pursue my passion in caring for pets and their families.

I have 2 dogs (Iris and Benny) and one cat. I also have a son, Elliot, who is 2 years old and full of life. I enjoy short walks to my car, and a nice drive to the coffee shop. I enjoy making everyone around me smile and laugh.

Grooming Staff


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Tiffany, Groomer. Joined My Best Friend in April of 2018 as our newest pet stylist. Her extensive work background includes 13 years at Petsmart in Bridgeton, MO making her very experienced in all breeds. She loves what she does and is excited to be here. She personally owns four standard poodles so she is especially good at grooming poodles and doodles. This native St. Louisan loves to travel and take long walks with her dogs Fancy, Penelope, Ringo and Miley.


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Denise, Pet Stylist. Denise was introduced to dogs by her partner Laura and decided to attend the grooming school at Petropolis in November 1999.  The bulk of her initial grooming experience came from her work at Bal-Coeur Animal Hospital.  She joined My Best Friend Veterinary Center as our grooming expert in 2006.  Although purebreds are emphasized in grooming books, she enjoys the mixed breeds that visit her because they bring out her creative side.  After years of grooming she feels the key to success is a lot of coffee and Red Bull.  Any gratuities accepted and appreciated.