Cancellation Policy

New Clients:

COVID-19 has created record-breaking rates of new pet ownership, resulting in extreme demand for new client appointments and instances of new client no shows.  To us, each no show means that we were not able to help one of our established patients that was relying on us for urgent care.

So that we can continue to accept new clients while still providing great care to our existing patients, we now ask clients to reserve their first appointment with a $50 prepayment.  This prepayment will be placed as a credit on the account to be applied at the first visit.  If the client cancels with at least 48 hours notice, we will issue a refund.  Otherwise, the credit will be applied to a $50 missed appointment fee.  Note, this policy is only for new clients and does not apply once care is established.  Additionally, we may not be able to accommodate any future appointment requests from clients that fail to show up for their first appointment without canceling.

Established Clients:

If you need to cancel your appointment, please provide us with at least 24 hours notice—48 for Monday appointments.  Last minute cancellations and no shows are recorded in the client’s file.

If a client cancels with no notice 2 or more times, we may do any of the following: charge a late cancellation fee (equivalent to one office visit), ask owner to prepay office exam fees when booking appointments, book appointments as drop offs, or decline to book any further appointments.

We do our best to confirm appointments as a courtesy to our clients.  However, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to remember their appointments.