Dog Grooming

Caring for your pet not only includes how they feel on the inside, but how they look on the outside. Regular trims and grooming keep their coat shiny and their tails wagging every day!

Pet Grooming

At My Best Friend Veterinary Center, we believe bathing and grooming is essential to a healthy pet. Since your groomer usually sees your dog more often than your vet, having your dog groomed at our clinic can be a first line of defense for spotting lumps, infections, or other abnormalities that you may not notice. Our veterinarians can even address these issues while your pet is here that day.

Our grooming services are by appointment only and occur during our normal business hours, so scheduling your appointment ahead of time ensures you a spot to address your pet’s needs. Best of all, we contact you when we are done so you pick up your newly groomed pet and be on your way – no need to wait around!

Can’t come pick up your pet right away? No problem! We kennel pets both before and after they are groomed so their coat stays shiny and so we can attend to other pets who come for grooming appointments.


Dog Groomers

Our Pet Stylists, Denise and Tiffany have been grooming dogs for over 20 years combined and will provide gentle, loving expert care to your best friend. We provide grooming services for both dogs and some cats, and we use only high-quality, professional shampoos and conditioners. If your pet has allergies, hot spots, dermatitis, or skin infections, we offer medicated shampoos to relieve the symptoms associated with these conditions.

Other benefits of working with our grooming team include:

  • Heat censored dryers with low heat/cool settings to keep pets safe while still drying them effectively
  • Our team can note and have a veterinarian evaluate your pet for any skin, ear, and other problems we come across while they are in our care for grooming
  • We advocate monthly flea and tick prevention which can be purchased and used after grooming

Dog Nail Trimming

In addition to shampoo and trimming services, we will do pedicures. We also offer, at a small extra fee, nail grinding (a service often referred to as Nail Dremeling). As part of any bath and trimming, we will express your pet’s anal glands if possible. If the glands are problematic, we can get a tech or doctor to express them, for an additional fee.

While many owners also bring their pets for other services regularly, if you are a first time visitor of My Best Friend Veterinary Center, we request you bring up to date records for your pet’s grooming appointment which would include vaccination records for rabies, distemper, and bordetella (also known as “kennel cough”).

Although many pets can be anxious about grooming, we do not regularly sedate them to perform services. If you prefer to have your pet sedated in order to calm them down because of a history of anxious behavior with groomers, we suggest a consultation with one of our doctors to determine the best alternatives.

Testimonial from a happy client: 

“I brought my Lhasa Apso mix to be groomed I could not be any happier. Office staff was so pleasant and friendly. I’m considering a vet transfer to this office. I was really impressed with the whole experience.”

Puppy Grooming

We offer grooming services for all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs but recommend starting to groom your dog at an early age. We recommend that puppies start at 12 weeks old, starting with just a bath and introduction to the sounds and sensations of being at the grooming salon.

Most dogs require grooming every 4 to 12 weeks depending on their hair coat, type and length, and regular grooming can help them stay happy and healthy. For those who allow their dogs in bed with them, more frequent visits may be needed or wanted. Not to worry, as we offer conditioners and re-moisturizers to keep them from drying out their skin and coat.

For all your dog grooming needs, contact My Best Friend Veterinary Center to schedule your appointment!