Digital Radiography

At My Best Friend Veterinary Center, we have invested in state-of-the-art digital radiography, which produces fast and extremely detailed X-ray pictures. Thanks to our very beloved and generous client, Nancy Burke, we were able to switch over to digital when we built our new facility in 2012. In 2013, Nancy also helped us invest in a digital dental unit, allowing us to visualize and evaluate the health of tooth roots. Our whole staff is thrilled with these new radiographic tools, and clients love how fast we can show them such great radiographs!

Pet Exams and X-Ray Services

When people think about X-rays, they might think about bone breaks or problems with the skeletal system. However, medical imagery services such as digital radiology examine more than just bones.

Radiology is an effective diagnostic tool used to diagnose a variety of conditions in your dog or cat including orthopedic abnormalities, intestinal obstructions, organ enlargement, heart disease stages, and many others. For example, utilizing digital radiography can be a first step in ruling out tumors or bladder stones. Additionally, the condition of the lungs and airways can be reviewed using this technology to diagnose problems with your pet’s respiratory tract.

Whether you come in for an emergency exam or want some advice on addressing a new problem, such as a walking issue your dog or cat now has but did not before, our skilled technicians are here to help. Once your digital imagery is processed, you will review it with a veterinarian and have your questions answered about what the X-ray pictures show. When the need arises, we may also send it to specialists skilled in reviewing the pictures to confirm the diagnosis. From there, we can create a care plan to help your pet’s condition improve.

When dogs or cats come to My Best Friend Veterinary Center to get X-rays, our caring and friendly staff will take them into our X-ray suite and assist them to get in the right position. When pictures are taken, we ask that pet owners not be in the room in order to avoid being exposed to the X-ray beam unnecessarily. Pets are most often awake for X-rays, not sedated.

Your pet is part of your family, and having a skilled veterinarian on your side will help them live happy and healthy lives. For compassionate and reliable digital radiology services for your cat or dog, look no further than My Best Friend Veterinary Center! Contact us today to schedule your appointment and learn about our many other services.