Irina, Business Manager. Irina joined the MBF team in 2019 as the business manager. She’s married to Dr. Tim, and is the co-owner of My Best Friend. Irina started her career in scientific research, and she has a master’s degree and molecular biology. She’s then worked in the field of endocrinology research at Washington University and University of Missouri over the course of 10 years.

After she and Dr. Tim purchased the clinic from Dr. Bill, she decided to transition into veterinary medicine. While her main responsibilities are to take care of the business side of things, she’ll often help answer phones and assist the vet techs with procedures. At home, Irina helps care for her and Dr. Tim’s two children, Anna and Cameron. They also have a sassy cat named Rosie, and a stubborn French Bulldog named Corndog (named by their 5-year-old daughter). She also enjoys baking and growing succulents.