Aimee, Veterinary Assistant. Aimee grew up on a farm outside of Rolla, MO that raised and cared for a variety of animals. She is the only girl in her family; five brothers helped her prepare for just about anything life could throw her way. At the age of nine, her family immigrated to Brisbane, Australia. She learned to quickly appreciate Australia’s wildlife and to respect all creatures, great and small. Aimee acquired a Bachelors Degree in English from Lindenwood University in 2007, and a subsequent Masters of Education in 2009. She has been happily married to John since 1993. She has two beautiful daughters, Gabriella and Marissa. She has one amazing grandson, Asher and a granddaughter Amelia. Aimee has a Siberian cat (Mimi), a blue and gold macaw (Billy), and a rescue cockatiel (Jojo). She also loves dogs, and recently lost her pug, “Norman”. She likes to travel, fish, write, bake, craft, read, play trivia, and makes a seriously delicious lasagna. Aimee brings five years of veterinary experience to My Best Friend. She looks forward to lovin’ on your pets!