Most Common Cat Illnesses

Cats are beloved family members, and keeping them healthy and safe is essential. Knowing the most common cat diseases can help identify potential health issues your feline might face. Taking proper preventive measures and closely monitoring your pet for signs of an illness can reduce the risk of developing a severe medical condition that [...]

Common Dog Illnesses

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from both acute and chronic conditions like allergies, diabetes, digestive issues, skin conditions, joint pain, and more. All these common ailments can cause discomfort and distress for your beloved pet. My Best Friend Veterinary Center in Olivette, MO is the perfect place to seek treatment for common dog illnesses. [...]

Common Skin Conditions in Dogs

Skin conditions are very common for dogs of all breeds. While symptoms can range from mild to severe, skin problems can ultimately cause significant discomfort for your pet and could be an indicator of a serious underlying health issue. Knowing whether your dog is suffering from a skin condition requires paying close attention to their [...]

What is Your Pet Trying to Tell You? 5 Myths About Your Pet’s Body Language

While every pet owner wishes they were Dr. Dolittle and could better understand their furry pal, we often have to rely mostly on body language to communicate with pets. Occasionally, pets may vocalize to “talk” to their owners, but they mostly communicate among themselves using subtle body-language cues. A little-known fact: Cats usually don’t meow [...]

10 Ways to Help Prepare for a COVID-19 Quarantine with Your Pet

As the world reels from the COVID-19 attack, your daily life is likely in upheaval. The stress, anxiety, and worry you feel can also affect your pet, and cause her to become anxious. To help combat your worries, arm yourself with knowledge about COVID-19. For the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and your pet, read [...]

Coronavirus Epidemic

Covid ProtocolTo keep our staff and clients safe, we are taking steps to minimize the number of clients in our lobby. Please read below for additional information.For scheduled appointments with a veterinarian:When you arrive in our lot, please stay in your car and call our front desk.The receptionist will ask if you prefer to remain [...]

9 Foods to Keep Away From Pets

As the leaves fall from the trees and the nights get cooler, our thoughts turn to cozy family get-togethers and holiday celebrations. These special events often bring out special foods and spirit-induced cheer that people love, but which can spell trouble for our pets. We’ve compiled a list of nine common foods that pose a [...]

How to Manage Your Pet’s Pain

Pets rarely complain about their stiff joints, painful back, or toothache—that’s a human trait. Most pets are stoic and do an excellent job of hiding their pain, often living with it for quite some time before caretakers pick up on subtle cues. To your furry friend’s detriment, she won’t let you know she’s uncomfortable. Learn [...]

4 Popular Exotic Pets: Is One a Good Fit for Your Family?

Caring for a pet can be a delightful and rewarding experience that many parents like to pass on to their children. Pet care helps to teach responsibility, affection, and routine. It also requires significant preparation. Before choosing an exotic pet for your family, do your research. Learn about the pet’s behavior, daily requirements, housing needs, [...]

Pet Vaccines 101

You know your pet needs vaccines, but do you know how they work? Or which diseases vaccines protect against? Following is a discussion on all things vaccines—from what they are, to how often they need to be given, to where they should be administered. If you’ve got questions about vaccines, you’ll find the answers here. [...]

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